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Finally I can store the things I say without the content being lost, like it happened on Twitter. That way things are not lost in terms of memory.

Come back here to this page to see if I have new things to say. It will get stored and here I have better multimedia.
Blog de Mensajes.

Por fin puedo guardar las cosas que digo sin que el contenido se pierda, como pasaba con Twitter. De esa forma las cosas no se pierden para la memoria. Regrese a esta pagina para ver si tengo cosas nuevas que decir. Aquí se guarda y tengo mejor multimedia.

Blog opened the 31 of January, 2014.
Blog abierto el 31 de Enero, 2014.
31/1/2014 to 3/2/2014.

7/2/2014 The consumed toothpaste bomb.
8/2/2014 The horny king.
12/2/2014 A pathological gutless women abuser coward.
13/2/2014 Political distractions and the BarBitch stripper toy.
19/2/2014 CNN in Olympic Bullshit mode.
20/2/2014 BBC supporting harassment and eating babies.
21/2/2014 Politics, Science and TRIBalance.
23/2/2014 Let the people judge it.
24/2/2014 Part 2.
7/3/2014 More police killed.
8/3/2014 The truth denied, no Academic Media for slaves.
9/3/2014 An invisible part of Me.
9/3/2014 Part 2. Declaration of War from Spain.
11/3/2014 Stupidity or incompetence? A historical error.
11/3/2014 Part 2. A true fighter for freedom.
13/3/2014 BBC at war with Venezuela and supporting terrorism.
14/3/2014 Marco Rubio insists on denying Venezuelan rights.
15/3/2014 Holly delicious Bullshit!
16/3/2014 My compromise with South America's Independence.
31/3/2014 Racist Jews you can clearly see.
1/4/2014 Towards the Declaration of South American Independence.
3/4/2014 Plutocracy and Democracy as Academic concepts.
4/4/2014 Corruption cannot have schools.
5/4/2014 The Institution of dialog.
9/4/2014 We have to agree that the BBC stands for social moral decay and defends it.
10/4/2014 BBC News continues it's aggressions against Venezuela.
11/4/2014 I join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.
11/4/2014 Part 2. Ghost Busters.
23/4/2014 Another Lie of Mass Destruction.
24/4/2014 It is time the police react to so much brutal abuse.
25/4/2014 I saw a little pulverized Golden Calf in a cup of water.
27/4/2014 Imperial cynicism and the Great Holocaust Grievance Industry.
28/4/2014 Sistema de Integración.
28/4/2014 Civic education is a very important part of an Academic System.
1/5/2014 Cala of CNN confessing his real intention was to humiliate the Attorney General of Venezuela.
1/5/2014 TRIBalance is also a very distinctive and unique Art Style.
1/5/2014 The online rape stopping device.
4/5/2014 What if I had a huge TRIBalance business.
5/5/2014 We will crush anybody that dares question us, says Israel.
5/5/2014 Academic and Enforcer balance.
5/9/2014 I accuse Facebook of Necromarketing.
5/9/2014 Historical victory for Venezuelan Justice.
13/5/2014 Giving a ride back home to the girls.

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